April 21st – Forum Istanbul 2011 – George Koukis Speech, Swissotel The Bosphurus, Istanbul

George Koukis, founder of The George Koukis Foundation, was a speaker in Forum Istanbul 2011, in the “Future Agenda” session. The topics discussed was related to 2023 Aim of Turkey, to find solutions to future problems that will arise.

In his speech, George Koukis mentioned these problems and pointed out that the casual solutions discussed was missing an essential thing. It was the Integrity of the Leader. In his speech, he talked about the effects of religion, politic and business
leaders, to the discussed problems in the world.

“What is missing is a Leader of Integrity”

George Koukis announced the “A Dream For The World” project, and his support to “Future Leaders For The World Program” that will be an extra ordinary and amazing course that produces Men of Action, Pragmatic Dreamers, Leaders of Integrity.

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