Graduate Testimonials

“Best thing ever happened in my life. Got the knowledge of leader, found my dream, feel the peak of fearlessness, courage and endless love.”  Zeynep S. – Turkey

“Now I say, “I can & I will do” instead of “I want to do but & yes but” This is the point of change for me.” Başak Ç. – Turkey

“A unique experience. Your knowledge about leadership trainings will turn upside down!” Zeynep Y. – Turkey

“I’m the only owner of my life and I’m the only one who know the right direction of it.” Marco A. – Italy

“FLW was the experience that made me realize that life is not about finding myself, but creating myself. And that creation means dreaming, love and absence of fear” Ioana Ş. – Romania

“True, honest and ethical leaders with integrity and love can and will exist.” Asena M.

“Turkey Gives wonderful keys to see inside of yourself and reflect outside with your best dream for the world.” Adriana B. – Brazil

“It’s an awakening of awareness. I feel that I am capable of anything I want. My life is waiting to be created.”  Muhsin Ö. – Turkey

“Most important event of my life. If you believe in the Dream and want to go deeper inside yourself, you should participate.” Riccardo P. – Italy

“The missing part was inside of me! I realized the potential. The rocket has been launched.” Yusuf E. – Turkey

 “FLW has helped me to realize that in order to become a leader of the world, one should first become the his or her own leader, and this is through starting to love, appreciate and trust oneself, enjoying being alone and becoming a hero!” Pınar S. – Turkey

“FLW helped me to remember my dream, now I feel the courage inside to make it real. AIM: I AM.” Satenay Ü. – Turkey

“I learned tp turn my world and habits upside down, break the rules and do exactly what I want to do. Without barriers you will be exactly you.”  Elena V. – Romania

“FLW helped me remember my potential and the fact I should live to make it real.” Cemre S. – Turkey