Graduate Testimonials


“Future Leaders for the World is the best occasion to take a deep look within into what feeds your Heart, your Dream and your Vision for the World and find the key resources in order to be confident in making it become real! I strongly recommend this seminar to every curious and really motivated person that wants to move forward in their Life. Cheers,” Etienne, France
“What can I say – it was one of the best weeks of my life and I have a pretty great life!! However, somehow this stands out the most: “When you laugh the whole world laughs with you. This to me is your teachings in a nutshell as I am sure you will agree! Thanks and have a wonderful week!” Jean, Scotland
“During the program, I realized that if one fills in even every single instant with a pinch of greatness, then he can live his life in integrity and greatness as an inevitable consequence. Or can live apart from greatness, in an ordinary life which is made up of days being a copy of the other. All upon his choice.. And in the end, maybe the core of what I have learnt throughout the program, putting that seed of eternity, a pinch of greatness in a single time instant is possible with ‘dreaming’.. ” Selçuk, Ankara

“FLW program is the real catalyst of transform which enlarge your walls toward integrity and It’s specially designed to make you align to “your real being and to your biggest dream”. If your aim is to become a gold leader; turn off your fear, raise your being and just focus on your dream. Because “A real dream is already a solution not to worry about how”.” Senem, Istanbul

“Applying for the program, I didn’t know what to expect. So, I came there with no expectations. I said to myself “go there and get whatever is there for you”. And I did. I absorbed everything ; being me ,my inner self, I was driven to expand my view, overcome my limits, break through my boundaries,confronted my fears, widening my dream. I want to thank Professor D’Anna, Management, Teaching and FLW 2013 team, for Dreaming together.” Antreas, Greece

“Great teachers, perfect organizations! Now I know exactly that my dream is already done. Living with my dream is like a taking a breath in the Universe every moment as Professor Stefano D’Anna’s said: “MY AIM IS I AM!”. Thank you!” Betül, Denizli

In retrospect, I can only describe the program as a catapult in my life, after it, I experienced an astronomical degree of lucidity and understanding in all aspects of my life, which may have otherwise only been reached through years of difficult life experience. I have set off on a direct path to the realization of my dreams. Kerri, USA

“An important step in the path of knowing thyself and a breath-taking experience that increases your level of being.” Orhan, Ankara

“FLW is an adventurous deep journey to the innerself. It is the moment to accept beauty and love are our nature. Many thanks to the Professor, you, teachers and friends. All my love .” Gülcan, Istanbul