Graduate Testimonials

 “In time and through correspondence with great minds, I have learned that I need not worry about the negativities of any subject. Rather, I build on positive and strong sides of my being to constantly recreate myself and my environment.”  M. Topal

“In my every achievement that I am not satisfied with, I bet and dare to new targets. I do not care about the way that other people choose to live but I only study myself and discover my abilities, talents and my thoughts to find my way of living life.” B. Ertoğlu                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

“I’m under construction yet , but I’m not afraid of anything in the future! I’m here in Dubai to go through a big challenge in the arabic market. I’m doing a puzzle and the target is to finish it! I’m creating my own  business careeer. I can change the world just after I change myself!” P. Pagliari

“For me FLW is a place where someone can open up their hearts and share their biggest ideas and dreams and get supported. After five months from the program I now realized the School has just started“ O. Ozbek

“Now I do breathing exercises regularly, I´m way much more concious about dressing up. In my job, I could see the exact moments where we should decide for ethics, rather than an immediate result. Mr. Koukis words are always with me: “When I had to choose, I always chose the most difficult (less travelled) path”. I´m trying to do the same, in all aspects of my life. “ G. Higa

“It was a concise period; to realize our being’s inner power and hidden lights of fertile souls, on the way to self-discovery, self-fixing. Draw inspiration from “others”, which are reflections of you. And dream about the world’s most beautiful conditions, change yourself, change the world.” G. Gurses