Program Outline
Location: Location :  Armada Otel, Sultanahmet, Istanbul
Program: A team of international teachers and the most prestigious key speakers, will lead the students to the discovery of what they really love and help them to turn their aspiration into profession. Art, Music, Drama, Philosophy, Psychology of Success, Creativity, Economics of Ideas, Emotional Intelligence are some of the subjects of the FLW Program, together with gym, wellness and team-building activities. Self-discovery, observing, studying and finally knowing oneself are integral part of the FLW Program to restore Ethics and Integrity as the central qualities of an impeccable leader. FLW is a hand-on environment where with the support of mentors (Corporate Leaders and Top Managers) each student will receive individual attention and directions for doing in life what they love, without any compromise.
Costs: 2.500 euro includes tuition, room at the residence, meals and any cost for day trips, and the outdoor activities.
Requirements: a) Young Executives, Graduates and university students of all facultiesb) Upper intermediate knowledge of Englishc) Leadership qualities (as displayed throughout your life)

d) Commitment and full time attendance to the programme. At least one talent, natural attitude or skill you           possess at excellent or very good level.

How to apply: Fill the preliminary application. You will receive the questionnaire link in your email address.
Selection procedure: On the basis of your answers you will receive instructions to write one page essay. If your essay will be accepted by the Commission of the contest, you will be asked for a one on one selective interview, in person or via skype. In one week from the reception of the essay, the selected students will receive an official letter of refusal or acceptance to the Program which is for thirty participants only.
Application deadline:


Team of International Teachers

Aaron Craig

Aaron Craig

Aaron Craig has worked in theater and film fields for the past 20 years.  He has appeared in Italian cinema (most notably in Roberto Benigni’s “La Vita e’ Bella”) and teaches, directs and acts in Florence and elsewhere.  Aaron also uses drama lessons and games from the theatrical world to overcome fears and find the firmness to believe and follow one’s dream. He is a Technical Co-Founder of Birbl, a startup tech based in Dublin, Ireland and also Board Member and Artistic Director of Performance International – a professional production company for theater, music and film based in Florence, Italy.

Emanuela CarlettoEmanuela Carletto

Management consultant, trainer, she deals with Team building, Interpersonal Communication, HR Development, Business communication. Master Trainer certified CSEN. She entered the world of fitness and wellness. Her work is dedicated, through her own project Gliality, to discovering and developing personal mind and body potential. In 2011 became Counselor Trainer for SIAF.


Giorgio FabbriGiorgio Fabbri

Musician, performer, composer and orchestra conductor, he also works as corporate and personal trainer. He has developed his own training system named Sound Genius which combines musical intelligence, neurosciences, quantum physics, and innovative energy techniques.


Francesca FiorentiniFrancesca Fiorentini

Bridal Stylist & Body Language Coach, VP Membership, AICI Italy Chapter.She works with posture and body language as strategic means to communicate effectively and teaching dance to empower the students’ expressive potential.


Marie Françoise GremaundMarie Françoise Gremaud

Naturopath, Counselor ASPIC. From 2005 she is specialized as a  Rebirther-Breathworker  in Rebirthing (Conscious Connected Circular Breathing). In 2010 she obtained a specialization in Family Mediation.


Sem TutalSem Tutal
Life is a breath…
Is your life flexible and strong enough to seem younger and healthier than you are?
How aware are we of our muscles, our bodies, our breaths and our stance?
Don’t forget; life goes on quickly and in the remaining time our bodies are our faithful friends that never leave us. Take good care of your friend. In time, as continuous exercising will balance your body and your mind you’ll be surprised by the changes in you.


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