About FLW

Future Leaders For The World

The FLW Program has been especially conceived to guide students to self-study and inner exploration,  to discover who they are and what they were uniquely born for. This is the first condition to be a leader. To achieve this, beyond enhancing intellectual qualities and practical skills, FLW has to do what ordinary schools do not: inspire students to abandon fear, negative emotions and overcome inner limits.  It must teach future leaders to aim higher, to scorn preconceived notions and superstitions and nourish a sense of greatness, freedom and independent thinking from other people’s judgement.

The teaching body is composed of prestigious Profs and Professionals from seven nationalities. Art, music, theatre, philosophy, the economics of ideas and psychology of success, strategic living and Management of uncertainty and Music are only some of the special subjects which, together with innovative materials, will bring to light the qualities, the ideas and values of a visionary leader. In fact, at FLW the real subject is you. You are the Book. You have to learn how to read it.

Theory is fine and great, but if it is put in the context of hands-on experience. Besides all other things, that’s what you will like about the FLW Program. It is a truly hands-on for you.