A Dream for the World

The Book, “A Dream for the World” is born out of some thoughts and reflections about the conditions of our planet, plagued by millennia old evils, and to advance a concrete proposal to get to the root of these problems.

The solution is to start producing men and women of integrity, the visionary leaders that the world desperately needs. We have dreamed a solar laboratory, a universal hotbed where future leaders with a revolutionary mind, rebels to conventions and status quo, can be forged one-by-one. One of these men can change the destiny of a corporation, of a nation, of an entire civilization. We conceive their education as a subversive activity capable to turn upside down the mental schemes of the old humanity. It’s time for a quantum jump.

We have intended to do something significant for the world organizing a program for the most brilliant people of all nations. They will work for one full week intense program with a team of international teachers and the key speakers, will lead them in search of creativity and excellence. They will learn how to overcome inner limits, to nurture a sense of greatness and a true passion for freedom. The aim is to create Ethical and Integrity driven visionary leaders/people as the most resource for any nations.