For a New Generation of Timeless Leaders

We can eradicate poverty, create jobs for everyone on the planet, make friends out of mortal enemies, produce a world with no pollution, create justice for everyone and cure every illness, even eradicate negative human emotions. Yes, this is our dream. It will come true. But it will not happen this year, however, and probably not within our lifetime – possibly not even within the next hundred years. But would it not be a great aim to dream of such a world 1000 years from now?

For this, we need timeless leaders.

To prepare this new generation of visionary leaders we created the FLW Leadership Program and we are selecting talented candidates from all the countries. FLW is especially designed to develop their potential as the most strategic resource for the world. Its main objective is to restore Ethics and Integrity as the central qualities of future leadership.

It does not matter from which of the five continents you come. Your nationality or upbringing, your background, previous studies, the social and family circumstances which bred you, your culture, religion, or tradition are not important. Just answer these questions: do you have the dream to be a leader for the world? Do you believe in it wıth all your Being?

Then apply to be a part of the FLW Program.

Not everybody can be a leader and there is nothing wrong with that. But once that you decide to be one love your dream and commıt yourself never lettıng any fear or doubt to dıvert you from your great purpose, from the aım of your lıfe.

Remember: Aim=I am. I am my aim.